Shipping, Returns and Privacy Policy

Shipping Policy

ManCans ships all individual orders USPS priority mail because it’s the most economical and expedient for you and us.  All store orders are shipped UPS.  Shipping your product can take a couple of weeks from the date of your order placement because of the manufacturing process and the process to obtain the can.  We try to keep this down to a couple of days from order to shipment but sometimes we run short on cans and we never throw away food to make a candle.

If shipping is going to be delayed for more than two weeks we will contact you via email to let you know.   If we have a shortage of other items that will keep us from getting orders filled we will post it on our website specific to those items.


Return Policy

ManCans return policy is simple; we do what we need to keep our customers happy within reason.  If the package shows up damaged at your door please write return to sender before opening it that way we can deal with the issues with the post office.  If you have opened it please let us know from our contact us page and we will work with you to get it fixed.  We do not allow returns of candles that have been lit or based on the fact that you don’t like the smell, it is what it is and we can’t change it.

If we received a shipment back to ManCans based on an incorrect address that was provided to us or a package that was not picked up at the post office we do require payment of shipping to reship the product to you.  We can also refund you the total cost of the candles but not the shipping.  If the error was on our side we will certainly fix the issue and pick up the cost of reshipping.


Privacy Policy

Man Cans has created this privacy policy to inform you of the information gathering and dissemination practices for the store area of this Web site wants to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy.  We are very simple, we do not use your information for anything more than shipping you your order.  We do not resell your information either, we get plenty of junk mail and you probably don’t need any more either.  If we ever contact you it will be specifically because of some issue related to an order that you have placed.  We do not store any of your credit card information, it is rather handled by a third party company.  We hope this is easy and clear to understand because we like things simple.


Our Thank You Policy

We truly thank every customer that has purchased a candle from us or a store that we supply.  Not only does your purchase allow the business to continue to run but allows us to donate more food to those who need a little help getting through the day.  We get thanked all the time from the homeless shelters and kitchens that receive our donated soup as well as the patron’s of the kitchens and we pass those on to you.

Thank you!

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